About Us

Poulsbo Mercantile is an eclectic collection of antiques, vintage and retro items, and goods created by local artisans. As with an old time mercantile store, you’ll find a wide range of items in the store. Our goal is to offer great friendly home town service when you visit us. In days gone by, visiting the mercantile store would leave you with a feeling of meeting with friends.

The same holds true for time spent here.


These items are generally defined as being 100 years old such as furniture and works of art. You’ll find some antiques here, and you’ll want to visit often to see what’s new as inventory is always changing.


These items are old, collectible, have meaning, and have not reach the age of an antique. They generally elicit fond memories from a person’s past. Vintage items at Poulsbo Mercantile include glassware, toys, furniture, collectibles, occasionally clothing and more.


A fun funky way to experience the past without having the old is to use newer items that have a yesteryear look and feel. Retro items are perfect for anyone loving an old look but with the advantage of newer. These items can be more affordable and yet beautiful for any home décor.




“As much as I love to shop online, I also love walking the streets on a beautiful day and seeing what finds I can discover in a small shop or vintage store”
Natalie Massenet

Booth Rental

We offer varying booth sizes for vendors to display their wares. Be sure to contact us and let us talk with you to whether this is the right option for your wares. We love our vendors as they are a part of our family.


At various times throughout the year we have openings for consignment items. It is a first come type basis and only for items appropriate to this setting. Antique furniture is an example of an item for consignment.


Throughout the year events are held to celebrate the holidays, sale events, or just because. These events are typically in the local paper, on Facebook, and on the blog. Be sure to take a look and see what’s happening.


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